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Pernstar Motorsport

Small-Batch Custom Steering Wheel - Pern-Flame [PRE-Order]

Small-Batch Custom Steering Wheel - Pern-Flame [PRE-Order]

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This is definitely not intended for street use. 100% off-road / show only.

Purchasing this "item" in our store reserves a build slot for you.
Target price of the wheel is $350.69
Your final price will vary and depend on options chosen.
The price of this pre-order goes towards your total when your build slot comes up in the queue.

These are made by hand, one-off custom wheels.
Any color combo you want.

Strictly limited to 20 copies.
This exact spoke design will never be produced again after this run.
Here are the specs you'll want to know:
- Target price $350
- Built by hand, one by one
- Limited run. 
- 350 mm OD
- Thick, 30 mm rim
- Concentric design
- 3 spoke
- 6 hole 70mm PCD
- No horn provisions
- Flat wheel
- Steel core 
- Polymer, wood or resin rim trim
- Choice of color and finish
We will work with each and everyone of you to make each of these unique and exactly what you want.

[PRE_ORDER, not a finished item]

Added images of the first 2 finished wheels, instead of just renders.

Base model:
- Polymer rim with stainless hardware (any color combo you want)
- Gorgeous candy paint over appropriate base for the chosen color

- Full coverage, custom mix flake jobs - starting at $50
- Pearl / Color shift paint - starting at $50
- Airbrush work - starting at $50
- Wood rims: starting at $100
- Resin + wood rim: starting at $175

Why "starting at"? Because when we say custom, we MEAN custom.
No matter how crazy you may think your idea is, we can make it happen.
But we need to price it on a case by case basis. So this list should help you plan and brainstorm.

Designed and made in USA
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