On top of designing, manufacturing and selling products, we also offer our services to the community.

Contact us via the website, our socials or by texting the shop at 352-731-0871.
Pernstar Motorsport will get it done.


Custom 3D Printing

25 years of professional CAD experience means that pretty much anything you want, we can make. Whether it is turning a hand drawn doodle into a badge, or 3D scanning a part to modify or replicate it, we can get it done.
Want to prototype steel cut parts in polymer to save time and money? No problem.
Need a run of merch, like custom keychains? Can do.
Have a broken plastic piece on your gear or vehicle that's discontinued and impossible to find? Let's make a new one.

Custom Paint

Need your car to look fresh again? We can help.
Conventional paint? Peelable paint? Flake? Pearl? Color shifts? Anything is possible.
Since paint can be confusing and the options limitless and overwhelming, we also offer "paint development" services.
What does that entail?
You tell us your vision for a custom color and we give you a couple different options on how to achieve the look you desire. We then spray samples and send them to you, so you can inspect the different finishes in different lighting, take pictures and videos of them and be 100% sure that what your ride will look like, actually matches your expectations.

Custom Cut Vinyl

From simple insta handle tags, to racing stripes or all out custom livery designs, we have the tools to do all of it.
Get what you want, exactly the way you want it to make your car stand out, represent your partners or advertise your business.

Suspension Installs and Setup

More grip? More angle? No more wobbles? No more over centering?
Whatever the issue is that you are looking to address, we have been there and done that.
Want an existing setup improved? We can diagnose and rectify your issues.
Want a new kit installed? We can make that happen. And we might even be able to save you some money on parts in the process.