Videos about car tech, how to-s and product usage.


One of THE buzzwords in drifting. If you aren't 100% up to speed on what it means, what the fundamental geometric differences between grip and drift driving are... This crude - yet effective - video will fix that.


Drift Knuckles

Building on the Ackermann video, here's the low down on which variables on a car's front suspension actually do what.

 Measure Your Angle

This is more of a how to. It shows you a method to map out the geometry of your steering. Quite handy.


 Make Drifting Easy

Fundamental car setup tips for beginners. This video is intended to get you tweaking all the right stuff on your car to get you going.


BRZ / FRS / GT86 FDF setup

A fairly popular video among people that ask me how to setup their FDF Mantis kit on their ZN6 cars.