Pernstar Builds - past, present and future


My 2014 Subaru BRZ.
She has been to countless tracks, states and even countries.
My beloved seat time car that has changed her appearance numerous times and is in dire need of a cosmetic refresh soon.

4,000 miles on the odometer and none of them were easy.
Supercharged, caged, FDF suspension, lots of custom CF. She's a good girl.
Built to get the most possible number of runs from a set of tires, she's not a comp car per se, but she made it onto the Pro-Am podium before.

Here are some of my favorite shots of her:


 The S550

Not the most creative name... But that's what everyone knows her as.
My 2015 Mustang GT has seen her fair share of "combat" as I have entered her in a variety of drift comps.
Caged, wide - very wide, FDF angle that's just insane. Loud as all heck and in case the 5.0 doesn't do the trick, there's 30 lbs of nitrous in the trunk, just in case.
So many good memories made, in a relatively short time. Love this silly thing.

The Ugly Foxling

Yes, SN95s are a member of the fox platform. And yes, I called my rock tumbler Mustang "The Ugly Foxling" because of it.
Have you ever built a car, just because the internet told you it couldn't be done?
That's what we have here. Gospel at the time was, that you absolutely can not get any angle out of an SN95 without cutting the sub frame, fenders and various other parts. So I made one that crab walked without cutting anything.
For science.

I plan to update this page in the future.
There's plenty more I feel would be fun to share :)