About Us

Who is behind Pernstar Motorsport?

Pernstar Motorsport is owned and operated by my wife Sabrina, and myself - Tom Perner.
After 25 years in automotive Engineering roles, I decided to start my own business.
I didn't get into Engineering because it was a smart career choice, I went into Engineering because it was the only logical option. Ever since I could sit up on my own, I was obsessed with cars.
My dad was an Engineer as well, so I was around CAD stations as a kid and started making money with models and drawings when I was 14 years old.

That was also the age my dad taught me how to drive and much like me, he was a car enthusiast as well, so it wasn't very long before I found myself ripping up and down mountain passes at night, with him in the passenger seat. No, not a joke and yes, that took place the same year as the tofu anime aired (which I didn't know about until about 10 years later lol).

The motorsport I got hooked on as a kid, was hill climb racing.
The cars that made me happy in the pants, were all the open class RWD cars, coming out of hairpins sideways. To me, that was the coolest thing ever.
So naturally, I ended up in a cobbled together E30, learning how to drive sideways.
At the time, I had no clue that there actually was a sport revolving around just that part of driving, but as soon as I did, the die was cast, I was hooked and everything else just didn't tickle my pickle quite the same as drifting.

So, here we are.
PERNSTAR Motorsport LLC.
Specifically, the online store of said business.
Our company will operate in 2 ways.
This online store, where we plan to bring to market all the products I design, and a physical shop, to build race cars in and develop said products.

At launch, our selection will be slim.
We have no interest in being re-sellers. We want to share our own vision with like minded individuals.
Pernstar Products will get developed for a simple reason.
Because I want to use them myself.
And odds are that if I love them, so will you.

Stay tuned :D