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Pernstar Motorsport

Roll Cage Action Camera Mount - 1.5" - [BLUE]

Roll Cage Action Camera Mount - 1.5" - [BLUE]

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The PERNSTAR Motorsport action cam mount - in one-and-a-half inch tubing fitment.
Developed by gear heads, for gear heads.
Made of high quality polymer, heat resistant up to 69 degrees C [NICE!].
All hardware stainless and machined brass, no corners cut.
This is the camera mount we developed, because WE were tired of inferior products.
Rugged and easy on the eyes, as compact as possible and with tubing specific fitment, rather than "one fits all", which is just a nice way of saying "one fits none"...

Designed and made in USA

[camera not included]

1 pcs. each

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