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Minimalist Door Handles [CARBON BLACK]

Minimalist Door Handles [CARBON BLACK]

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Gutted your doors?
Need a way to close the door?
We got you.

These handles are specifically designed with caged race cars in mind.
They are as compact as light as they can be, and ergonomically angled to allow you to position them on the door in a spot you can actually reach, whilst inside a containment seat / cage / harness.

The mounting interface is designed around ever popular M6 fasteners with large aluminum washers and riv nuts.
The handles are 1" wide, the mounting holes are spaced ~ 5" apart.

These are made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer and look amazing in the sunlight.
We definitely prefer these to fabric straps or hardware store handles. And we think you will too.

Sold as a pair (left / right orientation)

Designed and MADE in USA

IMPORTANT: Hand tighten only. Do not mount using power tools!

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