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everTATE - The Ergo Solution for Evercade EXP [CARBON-BLACK]

everTATE - The Ergo Solution for Evercade EXP [CARBON-BLACK]

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Not only do we love race-cars, we also are big fans of vintage and retro video games.

One of the finest eco-systems in this realm, is without a doubt the Evercade.
The Evercade EXP has an incredible TATE mode, that allows you to play old arcade games in portrait orientation.
Unfortunately, it is anything but ergonomic to do so.

Enter: The everTATE.
Sure, there are other solutions on the market, but we feel that none of them do the high quality of the EXP justice.
This one, does.

Made from carbon fiber re-enforced polymer, this thing looks and feels premium.

The fit is perfect, with all the contacting surfaces equipped with closed-cell foam padding to protect the finish of your EXP.

It even features a sound channel, making sure the audio stays crisp and doesn't get muffled by your hands.

Tate switch, hdmi port, cooling ports... everything stays accessible as intended.
Truly plug and play. :)

1 pcs. each
Evercade EXP NOT included


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