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everCASE - Display case for EVERCADE carts [FLAT BLACK]

everCASE - Display case for EVERCADE carts [FLAT BLACK]

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Evercade carts come in a box, with a manual and feature amazing artwork on their labels.

Sadly, no one ever sees them, as the carts are either in their box, a carry case or the system.
Due to the design over EVERCADE and Super Pocket devices, the art is facing the inside of the unit, never to be seen.

This stops now!

Our display cases are diligently designed to be the most space effective way to store AND display up to 12 Evercade carts.
Whether all slots are full, or not, this unit will look presentable in your collection.

Show off that pretty artwork in style!

Made from high quality polymer.

Evercade cartridges NOT included.
1 pcs. each


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