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Pernstar Motorsport

everBLANK - the connector protector for EVERCADE [FLAT BLACK]

everBLANK - the connector protector for EVERCADE [FLAT BLACK]

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OCD hell looks like this:
Can't leave the cart port of your EXP empty, because that way dust and dirt could get into the pin interface.
Can't really enjoy looking at it with a white cartridge either, because if you own a limited edition EXP, the unit is black...

Here's what we have to remedy this.
A blank, that fits the EXP perfectly and matches the color and finish pretty well.
Its design does NOT interface with the system's pins at all and just relies on the unit's housing to retain it in place.

Due to the variations in Evercade cartridge slots that have occurred throughout the evolution of the systems, we found it extremely difficult to tune the fit of everBLANK.
During testing, we focused on the limited edition of the EXP.
The blanks will work in other devices as well, but fit best in the EXP.

Handheld NOT included.
1 pcs. each


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