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ergoCADE - The best ergo grip for EVERCADE EXP [CARBON BLACK]

ergoCADE - The best ergo grip for EVERCADE EXP [CARBON BLACK]

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The EXP is an amazing machine.
We are huge fans of it and we wish we could play it even longer.
Enter ergoCADE!

Positions your hands ergonomically on the device and vastly improves the utilization of the shoulder buttons.

It is also designed, to act as an interface that allows the player to rest the device on a surface, like a desk, or one's lap, to further reduce the strain on your wrist.
Absolutely ideal for playing with the hdmi output to enjoy the games on a big screen.

Cooling ports, HDMI out, headphone jack, volume buttens, speakers etc., everything remains obstruction free and functions as intended.

Made from high quality carbon fiber infused polymer and closed cell foam.
We are huge fans of carbon materials, not only due to their structural superiority, but also their amazing tactile surface finish.

Handheld NOT included.
1 pcs. each


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