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Pernstar Motorsport

Desk-Star - Micro SD card holder [COTTON CANDY]

Desk-Star - Micro SD card holder [COTTON CANDY]

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Do you face the following issues?

- Your desk is way too clutter free and you just yearn for shiny plastic?
- Your micro SD cards get blown off your desk any time you sneeze, never to be seen again?

Well, well, well! You are in luck!
We can fix that.

This nifty little merch item, not only does an amazing job of wasting 1153.665 mm^2  of precious desk space, NO, it also has room to hold 3 of your micro SD cards.

Looking at the pics you might miss it, but the card slots are cleverly tucked away between the stripes of the Pernstar Motorsport Logo.
So smart.

1 pcs each

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