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Camber Gauge Kit [CARBON CYBER]

Camber Gauge Kit [CARBON CYBER]

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Two pieces of polymer.
Very inconspicuous in appearance, yet such a powerful tool.

Like our String Alignment Rack, these too are intended to be completed into a finished product via the utilization of 1/2" EMT tubing.

Once assembled, they allow you to quickly measure the camber of your wheels, using your clinometer of choice.

The beauty of this design, lies in the 3 measurement interfaces.
Build one gauge, have the perfect fit for 3 wheel sizes.

For example, if the EMT is trimmed so the smallest interface fits 15" wheels, then the other two will fit 16" and 17" wheels. Etc.

Made from resilient carbon fiber reinforced polymer and high quality o-rings.

Sold as a set of 2.

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