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Pernstar Motorsport

C5 / C6 Corvette Hydro Mounting Plate

C5 / C6 Corvette Hydro Mounting Plate

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Corvettes are amazing drift cars.
But cockpit real estate comes at a premium.
Whether you use an inline hydro, dual calipers, push style, pull style or remote reservoir, there are almost infinite options on how to configure your setup.

To give you the most flexibility possible, we designed a mounting plate that can be used in FOUR orientations.
Driver front / driver rear / passenger front / passenger rear.
Wherever you decide to mount your hydro, this plate will give you the option to do so.

Made from 1/4" mild steel, this is a beefy unit, that can handle the abuse.
It fits perfectly with OEM hardware and if you so choose, unused mounting tabs can easily be cut off as desired.

Unlock the ultimate flexibility in configuring your drift car, with the Pernstar Hydro plate!!!

Designed and MADE in USA.

Plate comes in bare steel, as pictured. Paint / coat to your liking.
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