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Atari Flashback Mounting Kit [CARBON BLACK]

Atari Flashback Mounting Kit [CARBON BLACK]

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Atari Flashback consoles are a blast.
What a nifty trip down nostalgia lane.

What doesn't quite work like it did in 1977, is the mass of the unit itself.
Plug 2 joysticks, an HDMI cable and a power cord into the little gizmo and before you know it, it will no longer sit on your gaming center where you intended it too.

Also, storing the joysticks and paddles in a convenient way is... tough.
Cable spaghetti incoming.

Consider all the above fixed.

This kit includes a dock that will securely locate your console in place (either via wood screws, or by deploying double sided tape) and gives you a convenient option to wall mount the joysticks and paddles.

Fitment: This kit was developed for our Flashback 12 Gold.
The housings of these flashback units haven't changed in years - ALLEGEDLY.
The joysticks and paddles are supposed to be exact replicas of original Atari hardware - ALLEGEDLY.
Sadly, we don't have access to other hardware to confirm whether these will work for older flashbacks or original Atari controllers, but they might.

Made from high quality carbon fiber reinforced polymer.


1 kit (2 paddle docks / 2 joystick docks / 1 console dock) each.
Console and controllers NOT included.
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