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Pernstar Motorsport

AN-Hose Bracket- 3AN 7.62 mm [CARBON BLACK]

AN-Hose Bracket- 3AN 7.62 mm [CARBON BLACK]

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If your build is anything like our builds, you probably have your fair share of braided AN lines on your car.

The standard for managing these on your chassis, are sheet metal tabs.
No, we don't like them either. Yes, they are affordable, but they tend to rust and usually don't do the greatest job of keeping the lines in place, as most designs rely on pinching the hose against the mounting face, rather than actually holding them.

Enter, the Pernstar solution.

Our clips are made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
They feature a properly designed interface for M6 or 1/4" fasteners and riv nuts.
They are an actual clip, as in: they actually hold the AN line, instead of just pinning it down.
They will never bend or rust.

Word of warning:
AN lines' outer diameter is NOT standardized.
Meaning, every brand is a little different. So before ordering, please measure your lines and order the proper size.

Should your needed size not be available, contact us via the contact tab, we are always looking to expand our product line.

1 pcs. each
Hardware for reference only, not included


IMPORTANT: Hand tighten only. Do not mount using power tools!

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